Coventry is the city that moves; a place of activists and pioneers, innovation and invention. It was awarded the title of City of Culture 2021 back in 2017, seeing the city deliver an impressive programme of events inspired by local history and heritage, celebrating local communities and supporting the next generation of artists and makers.

The brief

The challenge? To create a welcoming and inspiring space that would be the beating heart of the festival, selling merchandise, event tickets, and hand-made, artisanal gifts from local artists and designers. However, it needed to be so much more than just a shop.

Facilitating collaboration and community, the space had to be a vital source of information, as well a thriving venue for hosting talks, events and workshops, helping to create lasting memories for all those that visit.


If Coventry is the City of Movement, then we begin our journey at The Hub – the axis of Coventry 2021.

Inspired by the hub of a wheel, and a nod to Coventry’s transport history, The Hub’s location was selected for its high footfall, to drive people to the city centre, encourage repeat visits, whilst also creating a knock-on, positive impact on local businesses.

The result

Drawing on Coventry’s industrial history, the Hub’s premium-Brutalist design is a celebration of its rich heritage and architecture, using locally-sourced materials that ensure it is homegrown and authentic to Coventry. And with sustainability front of mind, key items will also be recycled or reintroduced back into the community at the end of the festival to continue giving back to the city.

Community-fuelled, sharable moments that bring people together are woven throughout the space, designed to engage, entertain and educate, creating a vibrant hub of activity that moves with the pace of the city.

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