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ASICS - DynaFlyte™ Campaign Activation

a campaign story taking Flyte across the globe


ASICS tasked Green Room with creating a retail and online campaign for the global rollout of their new DynaFlyte™ footwear release.

The Brief

It took the ASICS Institute of Sports Science, Kobe, Japan three years and 300 individual prototypes to engineer FlyteFoam™, their lightest, most advanced, most responsive cushioning system ever – approximately 55% lighter than the industry standard (EVA).

ASICS tasked Green Room to inspire customers to imagine that this running shoe could make them run faster; to make them feel like they could ‘fly’, and bring the campaign to life at retail.


The Insight

To bring the new technology to life, the Green Room team started by developing an emotive story of inspiration based around the feeling of flight and freedom that the shoe offers.

We did this by taking the story beyond the technical ‘lab’ idea of the core campaign visual and taking the customer on an emotive journey of flight over the big-city twilight.

This story – ‘Don’t Run, Fly’ is conveyed via a bespoke hero illustration depicting the night sky over a city, from the perspective of a person in flight.

The Solution

In the windows, to establish the connection between instore campaign and the campaign key visual, the shoes are tethered down by ropes to stop them taking off. The platforms are lit with LEDs and layered to maximise on-street impact and inspirational retail theatre.

The story rapidly unfolds through the secondary windows, in-store and online, where the shoe is seen projecting itself through a take-off trajectory. The supporting graphics are inspired by the technical physics of flight, with coloured airflow patterns around the flying shoe that highlight features and benefits.

The consumer is quickly offered a deeper level of understanding of the tangible features and benefits that the shoe offers. This is communicated through the ‘FlyteFoam data panel’ which communicates the benefits of the shoe mid-flight – speed, cushioning and comfort.

To maintain campaign consistency throughout the many retail channels involved in the global roll-out, toolkits have been created in conjunction with Green Room’s production and development teams to ensure an integrated and premium feel of all executions.


The Results

Trade Marketing Manager, ASICS Europe B.V.

“Green Room Design’s detailed consideration of the customer’s journey has helped create a strong and effective collection of campaign collateral that we are excited to be rolling out globally”.