Green Room Design - Retail Design Expo 2016 stand

The Brief

Demonstrate our ability to deliver compelling, engaging experiences by providing visitors to our stand with a positive, memorable experience that would leave a smile in their mind.

The Insight

In the context of a busy show environment, visitors are bombarded with advertising and over-stimulated by messaging. The result is mental fatigue, a poor starting point to being engaging prospective clients.

We consulted with a psychologist to find ways to lift this mental fatigue. One approach was through the application of the principles of soft fascination where people find naturally occurring patterns and organic design subconsciously fascinating.

Captivating Journeys

We blended organic designs with tried and tested retail principals and playful digital interactions to create a naturally, restorative and informative experience. Our experience enabled us to change visitors’ mind-states, giving them ‘headspace’ to be engaged and present in the experience, with the cognitive capacity to still reason and form judgement.

Applying the attract, engage, connect concepts to our experience with 30/20/10 model:

At 30ft the light emitting canopy stands out, intriguing and dynamic
At 10ft, light projected patterns emulate dappled sunlight and lead the eye into the stand
At 2ft tactility invites permission to play, touching the bark brings a chorus of birdsong

designed to deliver a compelling experience

Thoughtful Technology

Technology for the sake of it is not smart. We used technology carefully – the Google Cardboard virtual experiences offer immersive insights into our projects, and we have data-driven evidence to prove that our ‘heart’ takeover experience achieved its objective to delight and manifested a happy emotion.

Insightful Analytics

Retail environments can generate data-driven insights, and our experience harvested data in real-time. A sun visualisation presented real-time information of engagements of the stand.

The Results
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    over 2,100 people interacted with our trees

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    heart takeovers

    230 visitors experienced a heart takeover

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    registered happiness

    22% of visitors registered happiness as a result of touching the heart

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