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The North Face - Flagship Store, Stanford, USA

fortifying community in a progressive playground

The North Face®

Having taken those first adventurous steps with The North Face to conceive Regent Street, London, Green Room continued to develop the retail journey through a test and learn programme, designing the final global retail experience launched in Palo Alto, California as part of the global roll-out programme.

The Brief

The North Face are well known for manufacturing highly technical clothing and equipment, but wanted to find a way to connect emotionally with their customers, and their customers with each other, using the retail journey as a way to change how people felt about the brand.

The Insight

By meeting and understanding hardened athletes in their environments, taking to the trail with outdoor enthusiasts and working in-store, we saw an opportunity to embed the very human need for progress with the brands passion and desire for the outdoors adventure. The new retail design brings to life a customer experience through the creation of ‘progressive playground’.

Rather than somewhere to simply shop, this ‘playground’ is designed to promote enjoyment, training, discovery and activity, bringing the outside in and creating an environment that unites a group in their desire to better themselves and further their pleasure in tackling the great outdoors.


The Solution

The next generation retail experience is rich in sensory stimulus, bringing texture, lighting and authentic materials using biophilic design to increase exploration and dwell. The brand DNA has been elevated to the next level across every retail moment, using deep storytelling to strengthen the emotional link, creating a stronger community space.

Key features include digital ‘sky windows’ in the ceiling the atmospheric content curated by The North Face athlete, Renan Ozturk. Hyper-local relevance – like the salvaged Redwood tree at the heart of the space – highlights the global brands ability to operate at a more emotive and individual level. The geographic location of the store has been moulded into aspects of the design, from the grid reference at the stores threshold, to the laser-cut, typography graphic celebrating the area as art.

The successes taken from the Regent Street community #NeverStopLondon has been dialled up in Stanford. The London trial demonstrated the potential social reach and positive influence of brand advocates. Stanford’s local community is evidently alive and engaged on chalkboards highlighting forthcoming events driven via active social media.


The Results

Eli Petricka, Marketing Creative Director at The North Face

“Green Room has created a holistic view of our target consumer and developed an understanding of how they relate to our brand in retail. They have worked with us to create a dynamic space that answers this consumer’s needs and future aspirations.”

The Results

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    agreed visiting improved brand impression

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    believed the use of natural materials, enhanced the overall experience

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    felt that the store better showed how product might be used outdoors

The Results

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    growth in store sales compared to estate