HOKA Concept

HOKA Global Store Concept Design

Global athletic footwear brand HOKA invited us to help define their debut retail concept, to support the brand’s exciting first stride into bricks and mortar.


Taking Flight with HOKA Across the Globe

HOKA which means to ‘fly over the earth’ in Maori, exist to empower access to running, walking, fitness and the great outdoors for everyone. To inspire a world community to take flight all over the globe, their retail home had to represent an inclusive celebration of movement and positivity.

The Result

Spreading its wings from Birmingham to China, the HOKA retail concept landed first in Shanghai: A space that celebrates the brand’s dedication to movement. A hyper-realistic, centrally-focused trial experience immerses you in the great outdoors, and a rolling table of events educates and inspires the local running community, positioning the store as a hub of connection.  

Activated all the way from flagship launch, to concept stores, shop-in-shops, pop-ups, and outlets, this launch marks the start of an exciting new journey for Green Room and HOKA.

Adventuring to new heights with the HOKA AR experience

Trail running connoisseur HOKA was born in the rugged mountains of France. With their adventurous, naturally inspiring origins in mind, we created a highly engaging brand AR experience to launch their limited-edition Chinese New Year RMU Clifton 8 shoe in-store. Digital storytelling that invited every customer to fly to unexplored terrains.


Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China’s calendar, marking the nation’s future hopes for prosperity, happiness and ambition. An unrivalled time to launch an exclusive running shoe into the Chinese market that encourages you to ‘find your purpose and fly to the top’. For a hyper-digitally savvy audience, a technically-crafted, sharable experience was a must.

The Result

Nature and technology merge in a beautiful meeting of minds. A two-part AR experience pulls you in-store, transporting you from the buzz of the city, into the calm of the mountains. As you experience the product, a captivating and seamless 360 landscape of technical layering unfolds and envelops as you move your phone, building mountains at your feet. The ultimate invitation to step into bold new territories and reach for New Year ambitions with the new RMU Clifton 8 shoe.

Activated in all four HOKA China stores, we helped the brand take it’s bold first steps into blended CX.