Mercedes-Benz, Selfridges pop-up

The Brief

To connect with a new age of customer, who seek research and information beyond traditional dealerships, our challenge was to reimagine the showroom experience for Mercedes-Benz, identifying how we could engage with a new demographic for the brand; younger and more
female, while also meeting the new consumer expectation for more self-steered, non-pressurised environments in which to explore product.

The Insight

Giving consumers what they need in terms of easy access, an environment where they choose their experience at their own pace is the norm that people now expect from a ‘self-styled’ automotive brand experience. However, to capitalise on how Mercedes-Benz could really own this space, we took inspiration from their successful customer relationship programme, capitalising on an untapped customer desire to engage with and understand emerging driving technologies.

Creating multi-sensory moments that set hearts racing

The Solution

The solution was to take the cars out of the traditional showroom environment into pop-up installations where footfall is naturally high. Browsing customers are then encouraged to engage with the brand innovations through a collection of multi-sensorial micro-moments that go far beyond pure product, including an interactive AMG sound wall, a Formula One racing simulator and Ikea smart car challenge.

The simulator created an unpressurised pull across the threshold to passing traffic, which we had identified as a daunting moment in the emotional journey of the traditional car-buying experience. This created an opportunity to sit in a real Formula One car, take a podium selfie and browse a museum-style exhibit of exclusive Formula One paraphernalia. This was combined with a motion-sensitive light technology show, activated by passing foot traffic.

Creating memorable luxury moments

The AMG sound wall – developed to showcase the superior performance technology used in this product – created both an educational and entertaining interactive display. Further features include the integration of the Mercedes-Benz ‘smart’ touch configurator, where customers can visualise and customise their next car, also an on-site test drive area for those keen to trial one of the Mercedes-Benz range at each pop-up, allowing the customer to start, pick up or pause the buying process at their leisure.

The pop-ups were evolved through-out each location through storytelling, in-store experience and accessible expertise to create memorable luxury moments.

By elevating both accessibility and assisting customer self-discovery, we were able to draw a whole new demographic closer to the brand whilst also creating a non-pressurised environment that seamlessly integrated physical and digital interaction, connecting with potential purchasers beyond traditional dealership experiences, and importantly, on their own terms.

Data and Analytics

An analytics system was used to capture data on the demographics, movement and engagement of visitors in store, with footfall also tracked.

Sensors and cameras were placed at strategic positions in the windows and in store, reporting real time data through an online dashboard which we used to inform optimisation of the shop’s design; any tweaks we needed to make to the pop up designs based on data findings could be implemented within 48 hours for the next pop-up experience.

This included emotional response (neutral/ positive/ negative / very happy/ very unhappy) and direct design needs to create a deeper more emotionally engaging experience.

Our partnership with Green Room is due to their great understanding of human experience and our vision to put this at the heart of the business. Green Room’s strategy and concept through to build capability also makes working with them an excellent all-round solution for us, and we are pleased with the impact and flexibility of the pop-up programme.

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