Mercedes-Benz Pop-ups

Pop-up Retail Programme for Mercedes-Benz

In the UK, Mercedes-Benz was seen as a brand for the older, more mature man. But what about the real decision makers? Our mission was to help shift perception once and for all, introducing the brand to a younger, female audience. Mercedes-Benz partnered with us to embark on a 5-year journey to reimagine the showroom experience for them at retail.


Car buying changed long ago. Gone are the days of the stuffy salesman and pressurised sale. Armed with a wealth of knowledge, consumers want to do things their way, on their own terms. Built from the simple insight of giving unpressurised, easy access to the brand and its latest products, we went where footfall is naturally high: the mall. 

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The Result

Mercedes, but not as you might know them. Welcoming, self-steered and beautifully premium spaces that let customers explore the brand however they pleased. From onsite test-drives, to the thrill of Formula 1 simulators and an AMG sound wall that immerses you in the incredible sounds of Mercedes’ performance technology, each and every pop-up delivered memorable luxury moments and accessible expertise.

5 years, 30 pop-up locations, a newly engaged demographic, and an admittedly unbelievable average ROI of 467%.

“Our partnership with Green Room is due to their great understanding of human experience and matches our vision to put this at the heart of our business.”

The Mercedes-Benz UK Team