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Nike - Mercurial Experience, Dubai

an experience to remember long after it’s gone

To support the launch of the Mercurial Vapor IX football boot in Dubai, Nike commissioned us to create a dramatic in-store experience. 

The Brief

To launch Nike’s new football boot in Dubai, we were challenged to create a dramatic in-store activation that would champion the ‘explosive speed’ of the Mercurial Vapor IX. It also had to exhilarate Nike’s young, male target audience. Above all, it should get people talking and ensure maximum impact for the launch.

The Insight

We live in an age of ‘screen fatigue’. In-store digital is a chance to go beyond the screen and create dynamic memories that you can’t replicate at home. Experiences to fire up all the senses. New technologies (sonic, touch, gestural, visual and holographic) are opening up interactive, playful and inspiring possibilities never seen before.

The Solution

It took a question to answer this brief: ‘Can you handle the speed?’ A week before product launch, an intriguing branded cube appeared in Nike’s store in the Mall of the Emirates. Customers were tempted inside to experience just what we mean by ‘explosive speed’.

The sensory campaign combined digital content, audio, light and air pressure. Within the experience zone, the air was blown with increasing force into the users face to match the Nike brand video. Just before the end, we snapped a ‘Speed Face’ photo for sharing on social media. The multichannel, disruptive and experiential concept created brand buzz and helped drive interest in the product before it had even launched.