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Nike - In-store Campaign Activations

delivering out of this world campaigns


We’re proud to say we’ve been working with Nike for 10 years, tackling creative briefs on a regular basis. The two installations below involved creating a lightning bolt and a meteor crash … whatever’s next, we’re ready.

The Brief

Collaborating with Nike’s Jordan brand, we were asked to roll out the CP3.IX shoe in the London flagship store.

The Solution

The campaign creative – striking control – speaks directly to the lockdown benefit tied to the shoe’s innovative lacing system. The campaign elements directly reference the speed and agility that the innovations bring to the shoe and the player, in this case, NBA Jordan Athlete Chris Paul.

In-store, we were able to channel the striking control campaign by creating a bespoke lightening rod execution. The intermittently flashing lightning hits the concrete court surface, and the impact leaves a highly effective, shattered podium. Speed, power and visually arresting display, delivered.

Nike  CR7 Campaign

The Nike CR7 football boot is not of this world.

The challenge … bring ‘out of this world’ to life in retail. Crash-land in-store an asteroid made of an unidentified glowing blue kryptonite substance and explode from within a football boot of indescribable power destined for the foot of Cristiano Ronaldo.

For Nike Town London, a large, luminescent asteroid flew straight through a principle display case located right in the centre of the football floor. The CR7 boot was projected out of the crash site, giving it gravitas, energy and focus. Additional surrounding display tables were illuminated with textured blue crystals to draw the eye and expand the reach of the campaign in-store.


Inside the Pro-Direct store another bespoke asteroid crash landed, conveniently in the middle of the store. The CR7 boots visible atop the molten material. Interactive digital screens are a key feature of the Pro-Direct store and form a grid across the majority of the wall space. The CR7 launch campaign overwhelmed the screens, dominating consumer attention.