PUMA Digital Football Experience

PUMA Digital Football Experience

PUMA asked us to create an innovative digital football experience in Sydney for one of their key growth audiences: Football Obsessed Teens.

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The Target Audience: Football Obsessed Teens

For PUMA’s core football audience, gaming online and playing the game in real life completely coexist - but the route to purchase didn’t reflect that at all.

We saw an opportunity to gamify PUMA’s product trial experience that would allow FOTs to trial products in a fun, exciting way.

The Result

Moment 1: Selection

One of the most important deciding factors in which product to buy can be an answer to the question: “What do my favourite players wear?”

When either the PUMA ONE or PUMA FUTURE boot is removed from the interactive boot wall, product-specific content and athlete stories come to life, while a request to try the boot goes directly to staff.

Moment 2: Fitting

During the fitting phase, customers place their feet onto digitally-enabled mat, where information about the boots they’re trying on appears on the floor around them.

Stats matching to key brand ambassadors are also projected onto the floor, at which points the wearer then receives an invitation to test the boots in an in-store game.

Moment 3: trial

Product fit and feel are incredibly important when it comes to sports performance, and the trial phase is all about allowing customers to put the boots through their paces in a test of agility.

Score tracking also taps into FOT’s natural competitive-side, acquired largely through their love of gaming.