PUMA Skill Cube Tel Aviv 3

The Context

Having worked with PUMA to develop football-focused retail experiences – including the first football experience which launched in Sydney and the now award-winning Skill Cube in New York – it was time for us to take the brand’s football experiences into new markets. Next stop: Tel Aviv.

The Insight

PUMA’s digital native target audience have grown up in a world where football and gaming coexist. But we discovered when we first set out on this journey with PUMA that their customer’s route to purchase didn’t reflect the blended online-offline lives they led.


The Big Idea

There was a big opportunity to gamify PUMA’s product trial: we’ve created experiences that allow customers to trial products in a fun, exciting and super relevant way, while helping to guide their buying decision in the process.

The Tel Aviv experience is our third to date for PUMA: we took the experience all the way from initial concept to delivery, with our creative and digital teams writing the software, creating the content, finalising technical designs and delivering the AI package.

The Result

Celebrating PUMA’s new ‘FUTURE Z’ boot – worn by Brazilian ambassador Neymar – the experience is made up of 3 phases: selection, fitting and trial.

The experience helps you to determine which product is right for you, with product-specific content aiding your decision-making process. Player stats also come to life around your feet when trying them on, before you put the boots through their paces in a fast-paced game designed to test your agility.

Tapping into the naturally-competitive side of PUMA audience, players are encouraged to visit regularly to improve their score and beat their friends, keeping PUMA front of mind. The space is also designed to transform into an event area, with pro players invited to show their skills for special launches, creating a community feel in-store.

We continue to work with PUMA to take the Skill Cube brand across the globe.

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