PUMA Skill Cube

Turning Fans into Players for PUMA

Our fundamental objective was to create a fun, authentic and skills based experience that appealed to a sports mad audience within the PUMA New York flagship store.


The commercial and experience goals were to drive product trial and increase footwear sales with an experience that was authentic and credibile, resonating with PUMA’s ‘Generation Hustle’ target audience.

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The Result

Our insight led us to the fact that many sports brands have amazing rosters of star athletes that aren't used beyond campaign. This led us to the creative platform ‘Idols Brought to Earth’, inspiring us to create an experience in which you are trained by Antoine Griezemann, Romelu Lukaku and Lewis Hamilton.

Once inside, you're immersed in a multi-sensory training experience focused on speed and agility drills, incorporating 270° floor to ceiling screens, graphic projection, motion sensors, dynamic lighting and surround sound.

Since the success of The Skill Cube in New York, we have also been working with the PUMA Group to take the Skill Cube brand to different markets, with take-down versions of the original experience.