The Brief

So how does a telco company become a digital service partner? Spark’s aim is to become the leading, home-grown brand that changes the face of retail, technology and digital services, to help New Zealanders to reach their own potential. Our challenge was to redefine their future retail strategy, to enable them to be just that.

The Insight

Spark’s purpose is to help all of New Zealand to win big in a digital world; their audience, a diverse group of people from all walks of life, cultures and ages. But what they all have in common is the need for help in personalising their own digital lifestyles.

Our design concept ‘Meet me where I am’ – devised from a series of unique shopper missions, each deep diving into individual needs and emotional desires, is a place that engages in empathetic human-focussed dialogue with its audience, bringing the brand and audience closer together.

The Result

Identifying a genuine desire for an experience that goes beyond ‘a place to shop’ into ‘a place to chill’ or ‘a place to connect to the future’, the flagship store is an inviting and inspiring space that changes throughout the day, season and year, and that can truly be adapted to suit any requirement.

The ground floor aims to inspire New Zealanders, showcasing product through stories to build their own digital life in a relatable and assured way; quick-fix kiosks offer pain-free consultation and moments of individuality such as the ‘Make it Personal’ area. The floor also plays host to brand partnership experiences such as the Logitech gamification and a flexible app showcase that provides customers with advice on the apps that are right for them, offering a holistic digital lifestyle experience and a differentiation point to other telco providers.

From telco, to digital services provider

The first floor is a more traditional Spark environment, using spaces for consultation, discovery and help, whilst ‘destination’ areas on this floor showcase brands such as Apple and Samsung, bringing both staff and customers closer together. Last but not least, the top floor- comprising a coffee bar and a Kid’s corner – is a slower paced space with a focus on technology and knowledge, a place to discover more and speak to experts, whilst also hosting events such as TED talks and workshops, contributing to the overall dwell time of the store.

The retail concept is being rolled out across New Zealand, and Newmarket, the first of the flagships to launch, has seen footfall of 70,000 in the first 5 months.

“People relate to people and our stores provide this very real element that’s missing from online - it’s a commitment to the human experience which is a gateway to the digital experience.”

Chris Fletcher, Head of Retail, Spark

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