The North Face Flagship Store

The North Face, Flagship Store Design

The North Face had one key goal: to connect emotionally with their customers and change the way people felt about the brand. We partnered with them to do just that in Palo Alto, California. 


Having already taken the adventurous first steps with The North Face to launch their Regent Street flagship, this time, we took things a step further. 

We met hardened athletes in their environments, taking to the trail to understand what makes them tick. We saw an opportunity to unite the human need for progress, with the brand’s passion and desire for outdoor adventure. Our ‘Progressive Playground’ concept was born. 


We created a community store that was hyper-local to Palo Alto, rich with storytelling, designed to promote enjoyment, training, discovery and activity.

Stanford’s local community is brought to life in-store through social chalkboards highlighting upcoming events, whilst the geographic location of the store is celebrated and is moulded into the grid reference at the store front.

Biophilic design is key to the store’s appeal; digital ‘Sky Windows’ playing atmospheric content illuminates the ceiling, whilst a salvaged Red Wood tree at the heart of the store further promotes the emotional feeling of being in the great outdoors.