Timberland Bread&&Butter pop-up experience

Timberland is a brand on a mission. Their vision to create a greener world for generations to come, needs real people, to bring about real change. Our challenge? To help them raise awareness of their commitment to protecting the environment in a pop-up experience at Bread&&Butter – the iconic festival of lifestyle and culture.


For years sustainability wasn’t taken seriously. A buzzword at best. Timberland needed to change this and inspire the next generation of changemakers - Bread&&Butter’s core Gen Z customer. The perfect forum to unveil their new collaboration with prolific, zero-waste fashion designer Christopher Raeburn as well as launch their new ‘My PlayGreen’ initiative, supporting the rejuvenation of public urban outdoor spaces.

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The Result

Timberland Park: an organic, multi-sensory urban park that immerses all five senses in nature, from the textures underfoot, to the birdsong soundscapes overhead, and the dappled light that falls on the ground. Visitors were invited to slow down and feel closer to nature as they stepped into its calming, green oasis amidst the chaos of the festival. A fitting environment to discover the brand’s sustainability initiatives, with naturally shareable moments, and rich, tactile interaction.