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Timberland - Engaging S/S - A/W Windows, Regent St, London

seasonal campaign activation





For this key product launch, the windows needed to reflect Timberland’s ‘eye on the future’. The modern execution demonstrates the brand’s versatility and pursuit for progression and innovation.

Drawing on the ‘BE FAST. BE LIGHT. BE FREE’ campaign messaging, the concept conveys movement and the lightweight attributes of the product. The use of white and light materials, illumination and arrow-formation diamonds also reflects the brand new AeroCore energy system technology.



Now a staple of the brand, Timberland’s latest Sensorflex technology push was brought to life in the Fall execution of the Regent St window. Mixing traditional and modern, the campaign championed Timberland’s desire to continually improve their products.

The large spherical elements and bright red colours not only represent the key visual of the campaign in a 3D way, but also highlight the core aspect of the technology; the triple-layered sole and the freedom and flex this brings to its wearer.


The Original Yellow Boot window demonstrated how this iconic product could be presented in a different, exciting and impactful way. The juxtaposition of premium materials and simple design culminated in a bold, premium display.

In order to draw the consumer’s focus to the Yellow Boot, we centered the signature product in a luxe, gold mirror-finish spotlight. The story of how the brand continues to move with the times, whilst staying true to its heritage was told via the Wheat Family product range underneath.



‘The Weight is Over’ is a playful window execution devised to push Timberland’s Summer Boot collection. The campaign title lends itself to the analogy of ‘light as a feather’, supported by feather artwork, suspended oversized legs and products positioned as though they are floating.

Designed for the Spring and Summer months, the new collection is light and made with breathable materials, convincing customers that you needn’t ditch your boots as soon as the weather warms up.



Following the global assets, the tagline ‘MAKE SOME MERRY’ was adapted and brought to life for the European market with the concept being rolled out across Europe and a flagship execution implemented in the Regent St store.




Localisation is important for a global brand, demonstrating an ability to cater and care for smaller, non-homogenous groups. As such, a festive window was required that moved away from traditional and religious connotations.

The concept used a clean, bold graphical style localised with oversized 3D letters and London skyline detail. Large present boxes, ribbons and hints of red throughout brought a festive feel to the window.