The Context

Under Armour is a brand focused on performance, innovation, and grit. Their key objective was to connect with their core audience- the Focused Performer- to inspire through rich storytelling and products with real technical benefits that help them perform at their very best.

The Task

Building on their Brand House City concept, Under Armour’s challenge to us was to define an elevated, pinnacle flagship concept that would be worthy of the world-renowned Dubai Mall. It would also be a brand first, marking their most premium flagship launch to date.

The Insight

The Dubai Mall is a mall like no other. It welcomes 85 million visitors a year and is home to 1200 of the world’s best brands; creating a stand-out flagship store amidst the competition is certainly no mean feat.

Performance for Under Armour isn’t just about getting in the ring or on the court and winning titles, performance means personal drive, goals and aspirations – from amateur to professional and everyone in between.

The flagship store needed to amplify the athlete experience, meeting the elevated expectations of these high achievers, whilst providing a platform for them achieve their goals.

The Result

Obsessing over the detail and fine-tuning the concept over a period of 18 months, we defined the Home of Performance: a bold, memorable, community-focused space that celebrates the brand’s dedication to innovation through inspiration and education.

Expertise from nutritionists, coaches and partners throughout the space connects with the consumer’s need to be informed, and an integration of the MapMyRun app in-store plays a key role in connecting the dots for customers’ lives on and offline.

An integral element of the Dubai Mall store was also that it showcased the brand’s local and international ambassadors, with local athlete stories told throughout the space, and an area dedicated to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s latest collection.

"Green Room has taken us to a whole new place for retail - we couldn't have done it without you."

Lee Devon, VP at Athlocity for Under Armour

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