Nike We Own the Night

We Own the Night Run Experience for Nike

Nike asked us to create a Nike+ Women’s 10K like no other. We created an experiential running event to celebrate health and fitness amongst their young female runners.


Nike has been at the forefront of representing and empowering young women for a decades. Our task was to deliver an experiential run event concept that celebrated and appealed to the female running market.

The Nike+ event we created was in collaboration with Elle magazine and needed to convey the culture of togetherness, attitude, fun, style and music.

The Result

Each runner was given a coloured Nike Xylo wrist band which matched with the other runners in their wave, guiding them to the start line and creating a sense of unity.

The result was an illuminated visual spectacle of Nike+ motivation and inspiration. This simple but effective innovation transformed a 10k run into a unique brand experience.

We also created an on-site pop-up and retail shop-in-shops to activate the event. Inside, Nike running shoes were displayed through immersive point-of-sale displays explaining the difference between each trainer.