The Human Experience of Sport Explored

Sport has always been a central building block at the very heart of society. It has shaped our civilisation in many ways influencing all aspects of society including education, war, media, government, religion and business.

In these times of rapid technological evolution, the interaction points between humans, sport and business are primed to change exponentially. To help our clients stay ahead of the curve, we have commissioned a research project which will explore how the relationship between sport, business and humans could evolve over the coming years.

Our key objective is to uncover insights which help unlock new ideas to engage with emerging audiences, deepen relationships with customers and drive commercial and human return.

The Human Experience of Sport


We believe a simple, human-centred approach is always best and this project will utilise the same ethos. We have teamed up with a diverse range of new and existing partners and contributors, to generate a wide spectrum of content. As the project runs during the first quarter of 2019, we will share key findings with all subscribers on an on-going basis. We do not believe there will be one silver bullet, but rather multiple chain reactions of thought during the journey which stimulate fresh, human-centred thinking for your organisation.

Who will we be speaking with?

  • Every day fans from football, tennis, drone racing, eSports and automotive racing
  • eSports entrepreneurs
  • Governing bodies including the International Women’s Sports Federation, FIFA, Formula E and The National Olympic Committee
  • Senior Marketing Directors from a cross section of business sectors including: sports and lifestyle retail, automotive and the tech industry
  • AI experts
  • Religious organisations involved in sport
  • Retail experts

The Human Experience of Sport, Formula E

To keep things simple we have distilled our starting point down to two fundamental questions:


What do you think the future relationship between sport, humans and business will be? (What is the end point if you fail to see the emerging opportunities now?)


What do you think the future relationship between sport, humans and business should / could be? (The what ifs / the potential)

What will the output look like?

The honest answer is we don’t fully know yet.
The final output will be defined by what we discover during the journey with our partners and contributors, but we can tell you that we will be digging into three main areas which we believe will yield the deepest and most actionable insights.

The Past

Our starting point for this project will be to explore how the triumvirate relationship between sport, business and humans began and subsequently evolved over the years. High-profile partnerships between business and sports are commonplace today but how have these developed over time? Who were the pioneers of these relationships? What mutual features do the great success stories and failures share? How have previous technological advancements affected the relationship between these three elements?

A look back to see the way forward.

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The Present

It could be said that the existing relationship between humans, sport and business is flawed. Do humans gain the most from the existing relationship or is it simply a one-dimensional system designed to sell more stuff?

Over the last ten years we have seen brands such as Formula E begin to change the way sport, business and humans interact to create richer experiences that deliver against the needs and wants of new customer groups. What lessons can be learned from these innovators?

We are also beginning to see the blurring of lines between the digital and physical arenas of sport. In 2017, the eSports industry generated over $500M in revenue and pulled in audiences of over 300 million via streaming sites such as Amazon’s Twitch. How are factors like this affecting the human experience of sport now? How can sport and business be better prepared to leverage the new opportunities being generated by technology?

Sport has always been a central building block at the very heart of our existence, shaping all aspects of society, however the interaction points between humans, sport and business are set to exponentially change.

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The Future

Imagine a future where the relationship between sport, business and humans has been fundamentally changed by organisations like Amazon, Formula E and Uber. What could that look like? What are the key future opportunities for humans, sport and business to be better connected to achieve a greater purpose, and generate a positive impact?

What do you need to be considering now, to equip your business for a very different future?

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What’s in it for the CEO, Marketing Director, Retail Director?

Intelligence around how the future relationship between humans, sport and business is set to change, plus insights to help you navigate a successful and meaningful future for your organisation.

What’s in it for the rest of us humans?

Our hope is for the project to begin to reveal potential areas where the partnerships between sport and business could come together to deliver more meaningful outputs for our society at large, including:

  • The reduction of mental health issues brought on by today’s “always-on” digital world
  • Stronger engagement between society and their governments with sport and business as the conduit
  • Gender equality
  • A more personal and meaningful connection with the brands we choose to be part of our lives

Partners and Contributors

Firstly, a big thank you to the partners and contributors who have already agreed to be part of this project. We have already had conversations that have expanded our own thinking around this topic and we look forward to the future conversations we have scheduled. If you would like to take part in the project and feel you have value to add, please use the link below to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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