We are a brand and retail design consultancy that enriches people’s lives with human-centred design.

The Human Experience Design Studio

Holistic Human Experience Design

By blending digital, physical and communications, we create insight-led, holistic experiences across interactions, products, and services that place people’s needs at the very heart. The result; multi-sensory experience design solutions that inspire engagement on a deeper, more emotional level, to provide measurable commercial results for some of the world’s leading brands.

Brand and retail design that delivers

People don’t care about your touchpoints or channel strategies, all they care about is getting what they’re missing and never missing out. It’s this that has inspired Green Room, since 2001, to design experiences that emotionally connect through the senses to cultivate genuine relationships for brands at retail. And it delivers – just ask our partners at PUMA, BOSE, SEAT and Timberland.


"Yes, the rules of retail are changing but the human needs and desires that retail fulfils are not. The stores of the future will balance out the opportunities that technology offers us, with an understanding of what it means to be human." https://flickread.com/edition/html/6033d9778d764#20

PUMA NYC skill cube digital experience
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