The Human Experience Design Studio

Green Room enriches people’s lives with human-centred design, emotionally connecting through the senses to cultivate genuine relationships for brands at retail

Retail brand strategy that's tried and tested on humans

It’s people that make decisions; not brands, nor businesses, but freethinking, gloriously unpredictable human beings. It’s why we firmly ground our perspective and approach in their world. An approach that places human emotion at the heart of every experience. The result is holistic and interconnected multi-sensory design; a blend of physical, digital and communications, that stimulates engagement on a deeper, more emotional level. And it delivers – just ask our partners at ASICS, BOSE, SEAT and Timberland.

Human experience design

Let’s face it, people don’t care about touchpoints or channel strategies, all they care about getting what they’re missing and never missing out. It’s why our 80 strong multi-disciplined team, isn’t out to save the world, we’re here to make sense of it… one human experience at a time.

Green Room, The Human Experience Design Studio, Amsterdam

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Green Room The Human Experience Design Studio

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